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Helping Educate the Next Generation of Aviators

Auburn Aviation Association Education Endowment Fund

The Auburn Aviation Association began in 1984 as a small group of pilots and airport enthusiasts dedicated to aviation safety, friendship, and community involvement. The years since then have been a tribute to their foresight and dedication to this cause. From the original small group to now more than one hundred-and-fifty members, they represent a large cross-section of the aviation community from all over the country, and have helped to make this airport one of the most popular in northern California. The organization has also worked with the City of Auburn to make the airport a self-sufficient enterprise.

Today, the Auburn Aviation Association offers mentoring programs that educate youth and young adults about aviation professions, as well as scholarships to help them achieve their goals. Programs include discussions about careers in aviation, how to apply for and interview for a job, and how to be a successful person in life. Mentors from numerous fields of aviation including Air Traffic Control, military, airline, California Highway Patrol, Placer Sheriff, corporate aviation and Alaska bush flying are available to share information about their career fields. One on one discussions with these mentors is very valuable in helping one know more about the numerous careers in aviation and aerospace.

Aviation is a profession that attracts high quality individuals. They must pay attention to detail, have situational awareness, humility, self-confidence, and good communication skills. They must be of high moral character and have a desire to learn.  AAA seeks out young individuals that exhibit these traits via our mentoring and scholarship programs. We are looking to expand their educational support through the Auburn Aviation Association Endowment Fund at Placer Community Foundation.

As a non-profit organization, AAA is able to help educate the next generation of aviators and those interested in aviation related fields.

Our Primary Scholarship is named in memory of the legendary WWII Fighter Pilot and Triple Ace Pilot Brigadier General C.E “Bud” Anderson. Brig. Gen. Anderson grew up in the local area and has been a resident of Auburn for years. Brig. Gen. Anderson set an excellent example of statesmanship, integrity, and patriotism. Individuals that earn the Auburn Aviation Association Brig. Gen. C.E. “Bud” Anderson Scholarship exhibit these same traits.

Learn more about Brig. Gen. Anderson and his amazing career.

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Brigadier General C.E. “Bud” Anderson

01/13/22 - 05/17/24

You can honor the memory of Brig. Gen. Anderson by making a cash donation in his name directly to the Auburn Aviation Association Educational Endowment Fund. Your gift will provide educational opportunities to qualified individuals for decades to come.

AAA invites you to become part of their vision by making a tax deductible gift today, or through your estate plan. All gifts to this permanent fund are pooled and invested for long-term growth. Earnings are then used to support AAA’s education programs now, and for generations to come. Your gift will go toward helping quality individuals get a start in a career in aviation. Most of these young adults complete college and go in to the workforce as our ambassadors. They represent the values, hopes and dreams of the community of Auburn.

Give the Gift of Learning and Help Dreams Take Flight. Help us Pay It Forward to the Next Generation!

Auburn Aviation Association
P.O. Box 6454
Auburn, CA 95604

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