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You want to simplify and amplify your charitable giving. We can help as your full-service local resource for philanthropy.

Jessica Hubbard

Jessica Hubbard, CAP®​

Philanthropic Services Manager​

(530) 885-4920​

Benefits of Working with Us

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How it Works


Determine your charitable goals.

What impact do you want to make in the community or beyond? Do you have a favorite charity in mind you want to support? Or do you want the flexibility to support the emerging needs of our community?​


Determine what type of fund is best.

Based on your goals, we work with you and your professional advisor, if appropriate, to determine which fund best meets your philanthropic goals.


Decide how you would like to give.

Contributions to a fund can be cash, securities, real estate or other property. See fund types for the minimum contribution requirements for each type of fund.


Name your fund.

A fund can be set up in your name, the name of your family or business, a name that represents something to you or in honor of a person or an organization.


Complete and sign a simple fund agreement.

Fund Options


We offer a variety of funds for individuals, families, businesses, and community organizations. Our staff is available to discuss these options with you and help you select the fund that best meets your needs.

  • Animals & Environment
    Protecting and Preserving Our Environment and the Welfare of Animals for Generations to Come ​ Placer County is a beautiful place to call home. There is a balance between urban growth and conservation. We must maintain that balance to accommodate our growing, thriving community and the fragile, seasonal ecosystem that surrounds us. ​ This includes protecting the wildlife around us and the pets in need of love and care. Fur babies are family, too.
  • Arts & Humanities
    Building a Vibrant Community Through the Arts ​ We believe in nurturing creativity and enriching our cultural landscape through the arts and humanities. By investing in the arts, we’re not only promoting self-expression but also creating spaces where diverse voices can flourish. Placer Community Foundation invests in its artists and cultural institutions to enrich the lives of Placer County residents and make our community a more vibrant and prosperous place to call home.
  • Community Development
    Investing in Our Community We support varied cities and rural communities by investing in social and economic development, beautification and capital improvement projects and the strengthening of local nonprofits. We believe equal access to public amenities and community activities fosters prosperity for all. When we work together, we build a stronger community ready to face anything. Learn More
  • Children & Youth
    Creating Opportunities for Our Youth to Prosper ​ Our children are our future. That’s why we support programs and initiatives that help our children as well as young adults thrive. Accessible childcare, resources for growing families and single moms, arts and athletic programs and access to education and job training all contribute to a successful and prosperous adulthood.
  • Safety Net
    A Happy, Healthy Placer ​ We support a range of initiatives for our most vulnerable Placer County residents to prosper including improved access to healthcare, mental health support, housing, and workforce development. Our vision is to ensure no one is left behind and everyone has access to the resources to prosper.
  • Education
    Uplifting Through Education ​ With a focus on nurturing knowledge, we support education initiatives to provide equal educational opportunities, empowering students to thrive and succeed. By investing in our schools and students through scholarships, we’re not only shaping the next generation but also ensuring that prosperity becomes a shared reality for everyone in Placer County.

Your Charitable Choices

There are many types of assets donors can give to begin their charitable fund. Each philanthropic opportunity offers different financial and tax benefits. Your financial advisor or a member of our team can assist with identifying the right charitable choice for you.


  • CASH:  A check or credit card is the simplest type of charitable gift.

  • STOCKS, BONDS, MUTUAL FUNDS:  Allows you to avoid the capital gains tax on the appreciated portion of the gift.

  • LIFE INSURANCE:  Transfer ownership to the Community Foundation and receive a tax deduction for the policy's cash value.

  • REAL ESTATE:  Gift property you own and receive the maximum tax deduction allowed by law as well as avoid capital gains tax on the sale.


  • CHARITABLE BEQUEST:  Continue your impact on the community after your lifetime with a gift left in your estate.

  • CHARITABLE TRUSTS:  A charitable lead trust or charitable reminder trust provides tax savings while allowing a significant gift or income for a charity.

  • LIFE INSURANCE:  Transfer ownership to the Community Foundation and receive a tax deduction for the policy's cash value.

  • RETIREMENT ACCOUNT ASSETS & IRAS:  Naming the Foundation as the beneficiary of a retirement account allows you to save taxes and preserve your hard-earned assets for the good of your community.

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Susan Prince
My late mother, Marilyn was a school teacher for many years. Public schools are a treasure, and our teachers are underappreciated. The Marilyn Prince Fund is our family’s small effort to support local schools while lovingly continuing Mom’s legacy.

Susan Prince




Would you like to learn more about choosing a fund? Let us answer your questions and assist you with your charitable interests.

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