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At Placer Community Foundation (PCF), we believe in the power of giving back to our community and creating a lasting impact for future generations.

One of the most meaningful ways to achieve this is through an estate gift. By including charitable gifts to PCF in your will or trust, you can leave a legacy that helps support community needs and causes you care about long into the future.​

Jessica Hubbard

Jessica Hubbard, CAP®​

Philanthropic Services Manager​

(530) 885-4920​

How We Help

With PCF as your partner, you simplify the giving process, gain expertise about local needs, benefit from tax advantages, and save set-up costs.​


PCF handles all administrative work, and you can avoid the complexity and cost of forming a private foundation.​


Designate one or more organizations or causes to benefit in personalized plan called a Memorandum of Charitable Intent. To adjust your giving instructions, simply change this Memorandum (cost free) rather than paying to change your estate planning documents with your attorney. ​


Tap into our deep community roots, connections, and knowledge to understand how you can make the greatest impact.​


Choose a name for your fund, whether it's your own name, your family or business, or a name that holds special significance to you. You can also name the fund in honor of a person or organization close to your heart. You may also give anonymously.​

How It Works


Consult with your professional advisor to explore the potential estate tax benefits of your gift.​


Include Placer Community Foundation as a beneficiary of your will or trust. Your advisor can help you with the necessary documentation. ​


Upon your passing, PCF will establish the fund in the name you have chosen, ensuring that your charitable legacy lives on. You can also bequeath directly to one or more PCF community grantmaking funds.


Choose one or more organizations (or PCF community funds) to receive grants. You have the choice to provide annual support in perpetuity or a one-time grant.​

Giving Options

  • Animals & Environment
    Protecting and Preserving Our Environment and the Welfare of Animals for Generations to Come ​ Placer County is a beautiful place to call home. There is a balance between urban growth and conservation. We must maintain that balance to accommodate our growing, thriving community and the fragile, seasonal ecosystem that surrounds us. ​ This includes protecting the wildlife around us and the pets in need of love and care. Fur babies are family, too.
  • Arts & Humanities
    Building a Vibrant Community Through the Arts ​ We believe in nurturing creativity and enriching our cultural landscape through the arts and humanities. By investing in the arts, we’re not only promoting self-expression but also creating spaces where diverse voices can flourish. Placer Community Foundation invests in its artists and cultural institutions to enrich the lives of Placer County residents and make our community a more vibrant and prosperous place to call home.
  • Community Development
    Investing in Our Community We support varied cities and rural communities by investing in social and economic development, beautification and capital improvement projects and the strengthening of local nonprofits. We believe equal access to public amenities and community activities fosters prosperity for all. When we work together, we build a stronger community ready to face anything. Learn More
  • Children & Youth
    Creating Opportunities for Our Youth to Prosper ​ Our children are our future. That’s why we support programs and initiatives that help our children as well as young adults thrive. Accessible childcare, resources for growing families and single moms, arts and athletic programs and access to education and job training all contribute to a successful and prosperous adulthood.
  • Safety Net
    A Happy, Healthy Placer ​ We support a range of initiatives for our most vulnerable Placer County residents to prosper including improved access to healthcare, mental health support, housing, and workforce development. Our vision is to ensure no one is left behind and everyone has access to the resources to prosper.
  • Education
    Uplifting Through Education ​ With a focus on nurturing knowledge, we support education initiatives to provide equal educational opportunities, empowering students to thrive and succeed. By investing in our schools and students through scholarships, we’re not only shaping the next generation but also ensuring that prosperity becomes a shared reality for everyone in Placer County.
Dave Fenolio
In my first meeting with the staff at PCF, it seemed like the best way to go in terms of setting up a fund for my charitable interests upon my passing—and this is something that goes on in perpetuity. Whatever I leave will continue to grow and help support good causes long after I’m gone.

Dave Fenolio, PCF Fundholder & Legacy Society Member

Join a select group of forward-thinking donors who ​share a desire to leave a meaningful legacy in Placer County. ​

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