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Confidentiality Agreement

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This Confidentiality Agreement is effective between the Undersigned and Placer Community Foundation (“PCF”).

From time to time, PCF Board Members, Volunteer Committee Members, Staff Members, Individual Volunteers and Contractors attend meetings or engage in other activities where sensitive and confidential information may be viewed electronically, discussed verbally or presented in writing. This Confidentiality Agreement establishes an agreement between the above-mentioned parties that any information viewed, discussed, heard or transcribed will not be released, discussed or shared in any manner with any individual outside of the current PCF Board of Directors, Volunteer Committees, Staff, Individual Volunteers and Contractors.

Confidential Information means any information or material that is proprietary to or that is not generally known outside of PCF or not released by PCF. Confidential Information includes but, is not limited to: business plans; personnel information; donor and prospective donor information; scholarship or grant applicant information; internal discussions concerning donors, prospective donors, grantees and others; and other information that may be deemed proprietary. 


The Undersigned shall not disclose any Confidential Information to any person outside of the current PCF Board, Volunteer Committees, Staff, Individual Volunteers and Contractors without the prior written consent of the CEO. The CEO shall be responsible for enforcing this Agreement and for taking all reasonable steps to safeguard Confidential Information within PCF. Such steps shall include assigning unique user names to all staff with access to the PCF database (“FIMS”); locking all hard copy files that contain Confidential Information when not in use; training staff to respond appropriately to outside requests for information about donors, whether such requests are received in writing, on the phone or via email; and by ensuring that all read, agree to and sign this agreement. This agreement is in effect as long as the undersigned possesses confidential information of PCF.

I have read the above statement regarding confidentiality and agree to abide by it to the best of my ability in my role as a Board Member, Volunteer Committee Member, Staff Member, Individual Volunteer and/or Contractor of PCF.

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