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Grant Guidelines

Placer Community Foundation awards grants to nonprofits that serve the western slope of Placer County. Committed to supporting organizations that enhance the quality of life for all, the Foundation’s competitive grantmaking programs promote inclusion, equity and diversity.​

Grant requests for proposals vary from program to program and are posted when grants are available (you may also contact our office for current guidelines). The following guidelines are provided to help you determine whether your organization qualifies for a Placer Community Foundation grant.​


With the exception of scholarships, the Foundation makes grants to nonprofit organizations only (no grants to individuals). The Foundation currently does not consider multi-year requests.​

Foundation grants are not awarded for:​

  • Debt reduction.​

  • Fundraising events.​

  • Religious activities.​

  • For profit entities.​

  • Direct assistance to individuals.​

  • Partisan political activities.​

  • Organizations that discriminate on the base of age, race, gender, national origin, ethnicity, veteran status, sexual orientation or disability.​


The Foundation accepts grant proposals at various times throughout the year. We also award grants through donor advised, designated and scholarship funds.​


All proposals are reviewed by a grants committee which is comprised of members of the Foundation’s board of directors and community representatives. The review process focuses on the greatest impact and most effective use of the community’s donations over the long-term. Priority is given to proposals that successfully address the following:​

  • Capacity of the organization: How well does the organization’s board, volunteers and staff demonstrate the skills, experience, and commitment to carry out the proposed project?​

  • Organization mission and funding focus: To what extent does the project relate to both the organization’s core mission and Placer Community Foundation’s current funding focus?​

  • Need for project: Is this project appropriate for the area or population it intends to serve, does it demonstrate community support, and is it unique or will it involve collaboration with other organizations?​

  • Objectives and methods: Does this project have clear and measurable goals that will result in a meaningful improvement to our community?​

  • Budget and project sustainability: Is the project budget realistic and will the project continue to be sustainable after an investment from the Foundation?​

Recommendations are presented to the Foundation’s board of directors for final approval. Foundation staff will notify all applicants of the board’s decision in writing and in a timely manner. Successful applicants will be required to submit narrative and financial reports that explain the outcomes of the funded projects.​



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