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3 Ways You Can Donate to Create a Stronger Placer County

Our community needs help and charitable givers are stepping up to heed the call.

Despite the challenges we’ve faced as a community in the midst of a global pandemic, last year’s charitable donations were the highest year ever on record, according to Giving USA, the most comprehensive and long-running report on charitable giving in America. Charitable giving reached a record $471 billion in 2020, a 5.1% increase over the previous year.

If you too are looking to support your community with a charitable donation, Placer Community Foundation offers multiple ways to give now or later.

Support Your Community with a Placer Community Foundation Donation

Placer Community Foundation is your resource for informed, high-impact, and responsive giving. Our guidance and expertise have mobilized philanthropy in the community to quickly respond to emerging needs. From fire relief efforts, access to affordable housing, support of our nonprofit sector, and the devastating impact of a global pandemic, Placer Community Foundation provides a mechanism in which people can feed, fuel, and feel real change through giving.

Whether you know where you want your funds to go or simply want to give back to your community in any way, PCF can ensure your donation makes an impact.

3 Ways to Support Placer County with Charitable Giving

1. Give Now to the Community Needs Fund

The Community Needs Fund maximizes the impact of your charitable contributions by responding to the immediate needs of your community. When you make a tax-deductible donation today to the Community Needs Fund, you can maximize your impact while simplifying your donation. The Community Needs Fund is a discretionary fund that supports the community’s most urgent needs, which can include causes such as:

  • Protecting local treasures and landmarks.

  • Preserving open spaces.

  • Supporting youth and families.

  • Investing in local nonprofits.

  • Cultivating the arts.

Maximize your impact in your community. Donate to Placer Community Foundation today. DONATE

2. Give Later with Estate Planning

Making Placer Community Foundation a part of your estate plan is a simple, versatile way to support your community for years to come.

Those interested in making Placer Community Foundation part of their estate plan has several options, including:

  • Giving a percentage of their estate

  • Giving a specific dollar amount or asset

  • Giving the balance of their estate

Whatever option you choose, making Placer Community Foundation part of your estate plan is a beautiful way to create your legacy of giving.

3. Make PCF Part of Your Financial Plan

Philanthropy can be of great benefit to your financial plan. Placer Community Foundation can work with your financial planner to allow you to meet your goals while still giving back to the causes that matter most to you.

If you’re interested in making Placer Community Foundation part of your larger financial plan, ask your financial planner to reach out to us to start the conversation.

Establish your legacy of charitable giving. Make Placer Community Foundation part of your estate plan. Schedule a consultation. SCHEDULE

Whether you’re passionate about making a difference in the lives of local families, funding wildfire relief, or protecting our community’s landmarks and treasures, PCF is here to help you make a big impact. If your financial planning calls for a charitable donation at year-end, or if you simply want to give back to your neighbors and community to show you care, Placer Community Foundation ensures your gift makes a difference for the people and causes right here in your own community.


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