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Safety Net Partners Lean In

Central to the effectiveness of Placer Community Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund has been the regular communication and collaboration among many key partners. This informs how and when grant funds are mobilized for greatest impact.

These talks have been instrumental to a coordinated response strategy, as well as to creative problem-solving. One example of this is an innovative project PCF helped launch with the City of Roseville to help both struggling residents and local restaurants weather the COVID-19 crisis.

Family Meal Roseville launched in early May, provides restaurant meals at a nominal cost to low-income residents. It is helping keep restaurants afloat and the critical employee benefits they provide such as health coverage. At the same time, residents experiencing food insecurity receive welcome sustenance.

The pilot program was seeded with $75,000, including a $20,000 grant from PCF. The Health Education Council is operating the program.

This project came together so quickly because of the strong partnerships already in place. It’s invaluable to have a community foundation with leadership who can respond quickly to help bring together key connections at a time like this. – Megan MacPherson, deputy city manager, City of Roseville


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