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Helping People Overcome Employment Obstacles

PRIDE Industries Endowment Fund

In 1966, a group of parents came together to discuss how to create employment opportunities for their adult children with disabilities. These parents—true pioneers of the modern inclusivity movement—came up with a solution that enabled their children to experience the dignity, independence, and sense of purpose that comes with employment. That solution was PRIDE Industries.

Our mission is to create employment for people with disabilities and, as the leading employer of people with disabilities, it is our vision to inspire and accomplish an inclusive world where people of all abilities have equal access to achieve their employment goals. From this vision, PRIDE Industries promotes the following values, which are the core of who we are as a company: Inclusion, Social Impact, Respect, and Innovation.

PRIDE Industries has led the industry in person-centered vocational rehabilitation, training, support services, and employment opportunities for people with disabilities—both visible and invisible. We designed proprietary, ground-breaking training/employment programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our Veterans Employment Advantage Program addresses the unique needs of wounded veterans entering the civilian workforce. Our foster youth liaisons guide former foster youth through coaching and training for career success. And our unique 1-844-I-AM-ABLE Employment Helpline connects people with disabilities and barriers to employment in California with the support services and employment opportunities they need to contribute to their communities.


Our Foundation was named in honor of former PRIDE Industries’ CEO Michael Ziegler, who dedicated his career to promoting a work environment where people of all abilities can thrive. Contributions to the PRIDE Industries Endowment Fund at Placer Community Foundation support employment opportunities for people with disabilities or barriers to employment—for generations to come.

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PRIDE Industries
10030 Foothills Boulevard
Roseville, CA 95747
Toll Free: (800) 550-6005
Phone: (916) 788-2100

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