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Supporting the Rocklin Historical Society

Rocklin Heritage Endowment Fund

The Rocklin Heritage Fund supports the Rocklin Historical Society in promoting public awareness and enjoyment of Rocklin's history, a history which is based in Rocklin's native Nisenan population, and in its late nineteenth and early twentieth century granite quarries, railroad roundhouse facilities, and ethnically diverse ranches.

Rocklin's remarkable population growth, from 1,600 to more than 53,000 during the past five decades, has generated an interesting history of its own. The historical society is keeping pace with:

  • the 2002 opening of the Rocklin History Museum,

  • a program to supplement the history curriculum for 750 third graders each year,

  • the 2007 restoration of Rocklin's oldest public building, the old Saint Mary's Chapel on Front Street, and

  • projects to preserve the beauty and educational value of one of Rocklin's oldest and spectacularly scenic granite quarries.

Rocklin's Heritage funds are directed primarily to new and culturally enriching historical and archeological preservation projects and to support for both visual and performing arts projects which highlight events from Rocklin's past.

An endowment fund at Placer Community Foundation works by investing the principal of the gift—using only the interest to make grants in your community. This means that a gift made to the Rocklin Heritage Fund (either in one's lifetime or through bequest) will address the education and preservation needs of Rocklin's history—forever.

Contact us to learn more on how you can help support the work of the Rocklin Heritage Fund.

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