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Training: How to Use Quickbooks to Effectively Run Your Nonprofit

How to Use Quickbooks to Effectively Run Your Nonprofit (and get the answers you need!)

Monday, March 8 AND Wednesday, March 10 3:00 – 4:30pm each day via Zoom Presenter: Ean Murphy, Moxie Bookkeeping Register here

Nonprofit bookkeeping is unique. Many great bookkeepers stumble when it comes to understanding the complexities of nonprofit finance. In this multi-part workshop, we will cover what makes nonprofit accounting unique, how to structure the different lists in Quickbooks so that they produce the reports you need, as well as best practices for good internal communication and controls. We will define terminology but won’t be using jargon!


  • What is the difference between Cash and Accrual accounting

  • What the different List options are in QB and how to most effectively use each one

  • How to decide if something is an Account, Class, or Job

  • What information you need to give your bookkeeper for accurate data entry

  • Best practices for separation of duties to prevent problems in your bookkeeping

  • Reports and how to they can provide the information you need including: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Flows and Balance Sheet

This training will be a hands-on experience, using your own organizations’ information to fully understand how the concepts and ideas directly work inside your existing books. You are asked to have a device with your QuickBooks company accessible for both sessions. In order to get the most out of this training, attendees should plan to attend both sessions.

It is designed for the following attendees:

  • Executive Directors

  • Finance Managers

  • Bookkeepers (both professional & internal data entry individuals)

  • Anyone in the organization that requires understanding of the ins and outs of data entry and reporting in QuickBooks

Cost: Free, thanks to our generous Nonprofit Initiative sponsors.


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