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Training series: Wellness and self care

You’re Invited:

Free Online Wellness Series

This series is sponsored by Placer Collaborative Network, but is open to all Placer nonprofits.

Description: COVID-19 has brought many unexpected changes and challenges to our home life, social life, and professional life. As we adjust to the ever-changing situation, people are experiencing greater stress, worry, doubt, and anxiety. Many are sad and lonely, and we are all suffering in one way or another. These sessions are designed to share a variety of coping strategies to help navigate these uncertain times.

Who can attend: Placer County nonprofit, government, and health care staff and volunteers.

Details- Please note you must register for each session individually 1. November 5, 4:30-5 pm: Gratitude Register here The events of the last eight months have greatly affected us physically, emotionally, and psychologically. While acknowledging the importance of that impact, it is also imperative that we find ways to positively keep moving forward. Developing these strategies can lower anxiety and help people more effectively cope with stress

2. November 12, 4:30-5 pm: Managing Worried Thoughts Register here It is common to experience worried thoughts during stressful or unsettling events. As human beings, we are pre-disposed to focus on negative thoughts and tend to dismiss positive thoughts. While worried thoughts can be helpful in alerting us to danger and finding solutions to problems, if left unchecked, they can escalate to panic, which can disrupt our daily activities and our lives. So what can we do when worried thoughts arise?

3. November 19, 4:30-5 pm: Self-Compassion Register here During uncertain times, it is not uncommon for complicated emotions to arise. It is easy to become critical of ourselves and others, experience a lack of motivation, or feel overwhelmed. While our minds are eager to solve problems and make them go away, sometimes there is no quick fix, and we need other ways to respond to uncomfortable situations. The way we show up to each moment and our treatment of people can impact our well-being and enjoyment of life.

About the instructor:

Michelle Jamieson teaches mindfulness programs for adults, teens, and children throughout the Sacramento area. Prior to joining the Integrative Medicine Team at Sutter Health, Michelle led corporate wellness programs at the Mayo Clinic. She is the owner of Sierra Mindfulness, a company dedicated to helping people integrate mindfulness into their daily lives.


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