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Training: The Value of Human Connection

Placer Community Foundation invites Placer County nonprofits to attend our next Nonprofit Initiative training:

The Value of Human Connection Monday, October 26, 12 pm – 1 pm on Zoom Register here

Presenter: Jennifer Edwards Robinson both inspires and illuminates as she brings forth meaningful and radical shifts in business performance. Her competitive nature helps her clients win more in the game of business and her caring support provides them with the confidence to change, the courage to invest and the freedom to choose. Jennifer is adept at unlocking her clients’ true potential and helping them enjoy unprecedented growth. Her approach incorporates a wealth of business and financial experience, and a mastery of coaching and facilitation skills.

Description Jennifer Edwards Robinson shares how you can enhance the value of human connection at work and with your prospects. In the digital age, the greatest advantage you have is elevating your performance, and that of your colleagues. The latest research in brain science provides remarkable insights that may help you reduce drama and accelerate collaboration, allowing your team to work better, smarter & faster. While continuous improvement of your business and technical skills is important, joining us to learn a few techniques to build more successful relationships with people (especially under pressure) can give you an even greater advantage in the game of business. Jennifer is an executive with Market Force, employing its methodology to incorporate the latest research in brain science and behavioral theory into a business context, and providing advanced training in communication, coordination, and developing the ability to predict human behavior.


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