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Training: Board Essentials – Getting to Great

Webinar: Board Essentials – Getting to Great

Monday, June 7th, 4:30pm – 7:30pm + 30 min Q&A Register here

Are you a current or emerging board member who aspires to be a vital part of your favorite organization? Do you want to take your board role to the next level and increase your value? This Board Development workshop has been designed with an eye to current and emerging or new board members looking to strengthen their effectiveness.

Participants will come away knowing the 10 essential functions charged to those serving on nonprofit boards. You will learn how to be a role model and adopt the attributes of a strong, effective director. And finally, leave prepared to do the rewarding work of a productive leadership team.

Invest in yourself and build your governance capabilities…join this workshop and Get to GREAT!

Suggested Participants: Placer County Board Members – New, Potential and those currently serving and looking to strengthen their effectiveness, Executive Directors & Staff wishing to learn and support their directors.


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