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Training: Navigating a Successful Post Covid Transition With Your Volunteers

Wednesday, April 28th 9:30am – 11:00am via Zoom Presenter: Trudy Harris of Team Giving Register here

2020 and the COVID pandemic presented enormous challenges for us as a community and changed the way we all do things, particularly with our volunteers. While most everyone was able to adapt and pivot how they operated, there are still questions and concerns for the future. Share and learn how NPOs from our region are meeting these unique needs and rethinking how we get things done! We’ll look at:

  • Winning practices and strategic plans

  • Tried and true programs

  • What stayed in place, what fell by the wayside

  • National and regional trends in volunteering and how we can adapt

  • Share some heartwarming journeys taken by nonprofits and volunteers to continue their vital services to the community

Become inspired by the innovative and creative ways nonprofits everywhere are continuing to connect. You’ll discover what the predicted trends and pathways we have to look forward to in the next few years.

Lastly, gain insight and clarity on how you can move forward with confidence in recruiting, utilizing and retaining one of your most valuable assets – your volunteers!

Trudy Harris from Team Giving will share their journey navigating the last year and how they have walked this path with their NPO partners as they continue to support them. There will be lots of time to discuss and share with some great handouts and break-out sessions to collaborate on ideas and insights to make the volunteer connection stronger than ever between nonprofits, businesses and volunteers to achieve sustainable and impactful social change. Together we are so much stronger; please join us in this opportunity to build on those strengths!

Cost: Free, thanks to our generous Nonprofit Initiative sponsors.


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