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Training: Two Part Cultural Intelligence Series

Part I – January 19th: 10am – 12pm Developing Language of Cultural Intelligence – Building a Living Glossary Part 2 – February 9th: 10am – 12pm Mastering the Art of Crucial Conversations Register HERE After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. As leaders, organizations and communities we must continue to broaden our understanding around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Make a path to building the core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion into your nonprofit’s operations, as well as model those values as you advance your mission.

Part I – January 19: 10am – 12pm Developing Language of Cultural Intelligence – Building a Living Glossary

Understanding diversity, equity, and inclusion in the post-2020 world requires a new language, and a new vocabulary, which is communicated through the lens of cultural intelligence. This language reflects a judgment-free perspective, which serves to bring different groups of people together through a common understanding, and appreciation of the lived experience of others. This module will educate the participants on the common language of DEI in order to create common understanding, and common connections among divergent groups of people within an organization.

Part II – February 9: 10am – 12pm Mastering the Art of Crucial Conversations

Despite technological advances of our modern civilization, humans have an even greater challenge than ever before for maintaining effective communication. In this training module, you will learn new skills to create greater connectivity and meaningful collaboration among team members. We will address and provide tools for how to effectively communicate with others utilizing understanding and awareness, and how to navigate difficult, but crucial topics and conversations through the lens of emotional and cultural intelligence.

Meet our awesome training team for these connected workshops:

Jacques S. Whitfield, JD

Mr. Whitfield is a seasoned Human Resources Executive with over 20 years of experience in human resources management and diversity, equity and inclusion. Whitfield recently completed a six year tenure as the Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Compliance Officer for the Yuba Community College District. Whitfield was responsible for the management and oversight of the human resources operations for the district and is credited with revitalizing and streamlining the Human Resource Operations for the Yuba Community College District. Whitfield is a subject matter expert in performance management, employee engagement, diversity, equity and inclusion and state and federal EEO compliance matters. Whitfield is also a subject matter expert in leadership development. He is highly accomplished in successfully working with others to develop professional skills and improve employee effectiveness through training and development. Whitfield is a frequent speaker, trainer and presenter.

Nikki Whitfield, Chief Diversity Officer, Impact Foundry

Following more than 25 years of professional outreach and marketing, Nikki joined Impact Foundry in 2021 to lead a newly established Cultural Intelligence Unit. The CIU brings forward the voices of subject matter experts with expertise in all aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Prior to joining Impact Foundry, Nikki led community engagement efforts on behalf of local businesses and nonprofit organizations, including Sierra Forever Families, the Sacramento Urban League, One Community Health, and the Gender Health Center. Nikki is particularly proud of her efforts to connect vulnerable community members with lifesaving and life-changing services. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT JACQUES & NIKKI, CLICK HERE Cost: Free, thanks to our generous 2022 Nonprofit Initiative sponsors.


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