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Trainings: Working with Donors

Nonprofits rely upon the generosity of donors and funders for some or all of their funding. Consequently, fundraising is an activity of major importance. Join us as we bring in Katie McCleary of Bridge The Gap to address relationships with donors and how to build trust, respect and connection while also learning how to stretch those who support your organization with new strategies. Choose one or both – you will come away inspired – ready to raise more funds, do more good!

Foster an Environment of Connection: Trust, Respect, and Care with Donors

When: Monday, May 17th, 4:00pm – 5:30pm via Zoom Presenter: Katie McCleary Register here

The quality of our relationships are important, especially if we want to accomplish big goals and create meaningful impact. We need people to invest in our work. It’s paramount to our success that we connect effectively and efficiently with our donors, funders, and stakeholders. Trust, respect, and care are all essential ingredients to building relationships that are both purposeful and prosperous. Given the fast-paced nature of our world and work, how can we have better interactions that capture the attention, hearts, and dollars of a donor, funder, or stakeholder? In this 90-minute session, you’ll learn:

  • The art and neuroscience of relationship building

  • The nuances of presence and intention—two difference makers in interactions

  • Two core competencies that all people track in relationships

  • How to accelerate trust and respect between people

  • What three things to always present to a donor and why

  • How to sustain and renew the energy of the relationship

Beyond the Check: Stretching a Donor & Engagement Tactics

When: Monday, May 24th, 4:00pm – 5:30pm via Zoom Presenter: Katie McCleary Register here

As social changemakers, our role is to inspire, educate, and create positive impact through action and fundraising. Yet, in a busy world, finding ways to energize, connect, and stretch a donor further can sometimes feel challenging. Many individual donors want to do more than just write a check or show up at an event. They can become trusted strategic partners that help move the vision forward. What strategies can we try to help integrate individual donors more into the organization, further increasing their commitment to your mission? What are a few strategies that we can apply to our grant funders? In this 90 minute session, you’ll learn:

  • Stewarding the Donor: who, what, when, where, and why

  • Typical donor/funder conversation paradigms and which one makes the difference

  • What to listen for when with a donor to tailor the ask/invitation

  • Three things to present in every interaction and which data point matters the most

  • How to shift your ask for more engagement and better results

  • Tangible tricks and tactics for more engagement


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